We can customize and deliver ,personalized ,jewellery and watches ,in as little as 3 weeks.

CAD Design: We work with a CAD designer to create a computer render of your one of a kind custom piece, once the render is approved ,we will utilize 3D Printing Technology to create a model of what will be the basis for the finished gold, silver or platinum creation. After casting ,the piece is finished, inspected ,and finally appraised. A client may opt to be included in every step of the custom process, and while we often supply all the components, clients are welcome to provide their own.


At BC Gems we stay on top of current technology that can make your experience more memorable.Laser welders are a technological advancement that is becoming indreasingly more common in jewellery repair and manufacturing facilities.A laser’s concentrated heat allows for delicate repairs without risking further damage to old and antique pieces. We also repair eyeglasses,with our on site welder.